The single focus of our business is to improve the organisational performance of companies we work alongside. To do this OSSGroup undertakes a number of activities.

We work with individuals in focussed mentoring programs that sharpen leadership bahaviours and deliver an improved ability to extract maximum performance from subordinates.

We work with senior management teams in a way that challenges conventional thinking and results in modified team behaviours. We cause leadership teams to self-examine and re-think who they are and what they are there to do.

We recruit and we outplace personnel. Recruiting at OSS is more than just finding good people. It is about FINDING GOOD PEOPLE THAT CAN FLOURISH IN THE CULTURAL ENVIRONMENT in which they will need to work. Recruiters that only just find 'good people' only do half the job and some never ever realise it!

We develop strategies that are practical and within the organisation's capacity to execute. OSS strategies are not 'dreams' but plans that will deliver success.

OSSGroup works with high achieving organisations that are focussed on success and which take on the challenge of delivering extraordinary performance for their shareholders.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Davis